BTS – KissProofWorld Rotoshot

So I got called back for a second week of KissProofWorld as their DOP had yet to fully recover.

This week we were shooting the ritual scene and a murder scene.

For the ritual scene it required some fan dangling of the camera to get a smooth rotation shot of all the participants. I used a manfrotto super clamp, magic arm and 502AH fluid head to get the shot. Lighting was with a 312AS LED light panel with a red plastic for colour effect. The camera (GH2) was shooting upside down. I’m going to call this the Rotoshoot.
In order watch the screen and to rotate the camera I positioned myself underneath (it was a solid setup but I still worried a bit the thing was going to crash on my head). The GH2 swivel screen was a godsend and I’ll have to get a field monitor for the next camera, the 502AH has a screw point for such a monitor holding arm.

After the ritual scene we moved to another location which will be merged (via clever editing a blue screen/sheet) to match Jane Wiedlin who is performing a cameo in the movie and is located in California. But here is a shot of the lovely leading ladies…
Followed up by a gruesome and fatally wounded Richard Greon…
20130311-001640.jpg< All I have left is this stylized shot of the Crew hard at work (Vincent Valentino was DOPing the second half of the day) as I 20130311-000459.jpg




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