BTS – Nook @ Sparks Street

What’s an Elf, a Witch and HPFP’s camera crew doing on Spark’s Street you ask? Why they are filming Nook a Sparta Short Film/Web-series about an elf who just takes on all the world’s problems… And makes them worse.

We were lucky to get Jennifer Stanhope to take some BTS shots of us on our final day of shooting for the Sparta film challenge!

20130815-005715.jpg 20130815-005721.jpg 20130815-005727.jpg 20130815-005733.jpg 20130815-005740.jpg 20130815-005744.jpg 20130815-005749.jpg 20130815-005755.jpg 20130815-005805.jpg 20130815-005821.jpg 20130815-005826.jpg 20130815-005837.jpg

Poor Patrick, we worked him so hard he had to take a nap…

J/K, but will his Elfish character make it? Join us at the Mayfair August 25th 2013 at 11:30am to find out!




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