NABShow: Pre-Trip Excitement

So excited about going to the NABShow this year, it will be my first time, its going to be a lot of fun but I don’t just jet across the country for no reason (well I do, but that’s a story for another day).

I have four reasons to go to NABShow this year:

  1. Check Out Pro-Video Equipment which I’m looking at getting
  2. Promote the Ottawa Indie Film Scene
  3. Make Contacts with potential Indie film suppliers
  4. Check out the Cool Gear that I can’t afford right now ๐Ÿ˜›

Gear I’m Looking at:

I’m looking at Upgrading my Lumix GH2 camera and set-up so I’ll be hitting up all the major camera players to check out their offerings.

I’m also looking for a field monitor, so I’ll be visiting booths of companies such as SmallHD, Convergent Design and others.

Also under consideration is a better Rail system (Matte Boxes, Follow Focus, Handles etc), I currently have a small Hondo Garage set-up but as I expand my shooting style the need for a rig is deafening. So I’ll be checking out RedRock Micro, Lanparte, Zacuto, etc.

Finally I’ll be checking out an assortment of software solutions (Elements 1.6, easyDCP, etc) and film/video accessories such as filters, cables, and all that jazz. I’ll also be checking out new lenses (Cine) but I’m pretty happy with my Nikkors at the moment. I’m current running a PC set-up and using Adobe CS6 (cross fingers 6.5) and a few editing softwares such as Resolve and Effect Packages from Digital Juice.

Promoting Ottawa Indie Film Scene:

Haven’t quite figured that out yet beyond telling everyone what a great place to film in Ottawa (free film permits, yummy!) and how much talent there is with studios such as ParkTown and TreePot Media and others; plus Ottawa has a lot ofย  talented indie filmmakers and other crew.

I’ll also have some trailers for some feature-films and potential feature ideas with me to see if I can garner interest from distribution methods on working on getting Ottawa based productions more international spotlights.

Telling people how awesome I am ๐Ÿ˜›

Contact within the Industry:

Mainly talk to industry suppliers and sorts about potential production value they can provide the no/low-budget filmmaker. I’m thinking mainly in 3D models, stock footage (Pond5), and other VFX or location services. I’ll see whats there to see, you never know, may make some cool friends who wouldn’t mind an extra DOP on their shoot, could be a cool vacation (wink wink nudge nudge).

Check Out New Gear (I can’t afford)

NAB will be full of the big player announcements so I’ll be trying to maximize my time playing with equipment I can only dream of using (although I’ve used RED’s before so…)


Overall it should be a blast, I’ll try to provide updates as I go along on equipment I get to use/see etc on this site, for other non-video trip updates, please consider visiting our photography sister-site:




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