Sony NEX-FS700 Slow Motion Test Footage

Been running around filming some test footage, thought I should share it here. Still have a ways to go but so far results have been good (bright sunny or partially cloudy days). First Video up is the Kingdom of Osgoode Medievel Fair. You can see more photos here at


[vimeo 70754312]

Next up is a video I made of from off-the-cuff footage of boats speeding by on the Rideau River right beside the airport. Not as happy with this version as I should of been more ‘zoomed in’ but only had telephoto lengths of 200mm (good quality but too wide) or 500mm Mirror lens (close up but poor IQ). If I’m going to do this again I’ll grab the Nikkor 80-400mm or my William Optics 545mm telescope.

[vimeo 71184680]




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