Masnesia Teaser and Casting Call!

KSF next Feature Length Production is taking us the that nearby solar neighbor, Mars! Marnesia is a sci-fi drama about a lone astronaut’s struggles on the surface of Mars.


Watch the Teaser Now


Filming is expected to start in March and take place evenings and weekends are we are starting our Casting call as we have to get costumes fitted for the actors.



Non-Union Volunteer – Please Indicate Interest with email to with the Subject “Mars – ROLE – Your Name” and include a recent photo [Please keep the size reasonable] and a link to your Demo reel if possible. Slides will be sent out and a video audition will be required for initial screening of Candidates with a follow-up Physical Audition of those short-listed in Late January/Early Feb.


SAM (LEAD) – Sole Surviving Member of an expedition to Mars, waking up on the planet in a crashed Capsule, he is suffering from Retrograde Amnesia and doesn’t even know he is the sole person within 225 Million Miles! Adult Male – Good Physical Shape ~28-45


JACKIE (Co-Star) – Is she an alien or a figment of Sam’s troubled mind? Adult Female – Average to Thin


JACKIE YOUTH (Supporting) – A younger version of Jackie, this is Sam’s Daughter. Female Youth – Average to Thin – Will Match looks to Adult Jackie.


TOM (Supporting) – Tom didn’t make it to Mars, well not Alive, so he slowly stinking up the place, but is more lively in the flashbacks. Adult Male – Good Physical Shape ~28-45


RADIO VOICE (Supporting – Mainly V.O.) – Although Sam can’t communicate with earth, he keeps getting fragments of communication from earth. Will Space command be able to guide Sam to his salvation or doom? Male or Female – Adult



[More Roles will be Announced after we have finished Casting the Main Cast]




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