Hay Photo Film Productions

Music Video – Ottawa Band Search

Hay Photo Film Production is searching for bands to make music videos using original material. We have been thinking of getting into the business of making music videos to add to our services, trouble is, we haven’t made any. So we are offering to make up to 3 music videos for local bands (max 1 video per band) using our New Sony FS700 slow motion camera.   If you are in a band in the Ottawa Area and are interested getting a music video made contact us at film@hayphoto   To be fair to all there are the following restrictions:Continue Reading

BTS – Last Day of Scarecrow Clib

Richard Groen’s feature film, The Scarecrow Club, is on its last day of filming on the streets of Ottawa. Today we are recording some faux-interviews for the movie. Photos below:

Sony NEX-FS700 Slow Motion Test Footage

Been running around filming some test footage, thought I should share it here. Still have a ways to go but so far results have been good (bright sunny or partially cloudy days). First Video up is the Kingdom of Osgoode Medievel Fair. You can see more photos here at MegaPixelTravel.com.   [vimeo 70754312] Next up is a video I made of from off-the-cuff footage of boats speeding by on the Rideau River right beside the airport. Not as happy with this version as I should of been more ‘zoomed in’ but only had telephoto lengths of 200mm (good quality butContinue Reading

Nook Casting Call – Episode 1

STORY SYNOPSIS Evil Witches have cursed the Kingdom of Nook, and a wizard’s squire is out to vanquish them and end their curses; but there is more going on in Nook then meets the eye and the witches aren’t the only evil afoot.   All Parts are Non-Union Volunteer Position Shooting will be between Now and August 15th for Part 1.   Thanks to all that have applied, all positions have been filed and this casting call is now closed.

Screening Photos: Late Night Classics Presents – Gorilla!

I was able to attend the screening of an Ottawa Local Film, Late Night Classics Presents: Gorilla! Which is a 50’s style purposely made B-rate film movie that is in B&W about a killer Gorilla who is attacking and killing young women and the man who kills him. Directed by my good friend Dave Shaw, it was quite a show!   Crowd was of course filled with the usual suspects who came out to support fellow filmakers.       Dave Thanking his Cast and Crew and Q&A from the Crowd

Search For Dilithium

John Seed and I did some skits while at Commicon. I manage to put them together for a short film. Enjoy! [youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=tUOiyNMkdyM]

Time Knight Ever

The Second of a ‘Fake Trailer’ Making weekend, this one is of a time traveller who gets pulled into all sorts of troubles having to right wrongs and avoid her evil boyfriend (who is kind of pissed he was left behind). [vimeo 66604157]   Coming to a Theater near you!   Also check out the other trailer: Super Zeroes

Ottawa Comiccon 2013

  I decided to attend the Ottawa Commicon this year, First day I was dressed in semi-trek/sci-fi, second day was steam punk (thus all the steam punk photos), and the final day I’m going as Tony Stark of Iron Man.   The Skit – Finding Dilithium – I’ll keep it brief on the plot but John Seed (aka Captain Seed) and I shot some skits with various cosplayers purely for fun where basically he is looking for some fuel and no-one is helping him; it features a ton of cosplayers and a few Ottawa Actors who knew and ran into at theContinue Reading

BTS: Victoria Jung’s Digi60Spring180

Today I’m helping in a bunch of Digi60 films, first up is Victoria’s. A 13 year old filmmaker she is back again after her award winning debute in last years Fall Digi60 competition. BTS Photos! Vincent Valentino taking BTS photos if me taking BTS Photos. Victoria filming the car shot. Lee Cyr being a creeper… Allen Roulston all wet. Screenwriter Holly Richter-White going over the lines with the cast. Victoria, Erin, Vincent and Allen in the final scene. A Pano shot of our ‘Police Office’

In Vegas go NABShow!

We arrived in Vegas late last night, we are here for the NABShow but arrived a few days early to enjoy the surrounding Nature. So without further Ado: we are off to Red Rock Canyon for the day! Photos/Video Soon: Equipment GH2 & D300




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